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"I was made for the sea and I'm at home on sailboats. I am a sailing rope bracelet, unchanged, only with a high-quality magnetic closure from
Fischers Fritze. And ready for a trip with you!"


Ø 6mm

The wrap bracelet made of sail rope & leather

Shrimp is the continuation of our original model. Handmade and timelessly designed like Mackerel - only narrower and longer because it is wrapped around the wrist. As sail rope and leather bracelet for women and men.


Deep black, pure and reserved - this is how the darkest closure variant with PVD coating from Fischers Fritze presents itself. Original with compass engraving inside.


With rosé-golden cap. Slightly rosé in colour and covered with a thin layer of 18 carat gold - probably the most impressive closure of Fischers Fritze.

The Shrimp in combination

Combine multiple bracelets to create your very own Shrimp.
Here you can see what is possible.

How to find the right size

For your Fischers Fritze bracelet.
In only 2 minutes to the right bracelet size.
Determine size >
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