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Warranty conditions

We attach particular importance to the high durability of our products. Therefore, we give you a "730 days warranty" from the date of purchase, within which you can send us defective items for complaint.
Condition of the warranty claim 
We can only process a complaint with a valid proof of purchase. For this purpose, the corresponding order is sufficient, which we can assign by means of the order number (ff-). If you no longer have this, please provide us with the original shipping address and the approximate date of purchase. Please contact our customer service with a photo of the defect and a short description of the problem. Afterwards we will check your complaint and in the next step we will repair the product in our workshop. If a repair is not possible, we will exchange the item completely.
Please note that the warranty conditions apply only to non-contractual defects (manufacturing and material defects) and original Fischers Fritze items.
The following cases are excluded from the warranty:
  • Signs of wear and tear that may occur as a result of regular everyday wear, e.g. the coating on our black and rose gold claspsblack and rose gold clasps, stains, and theor the acquisition of odors.
  • Defects and deficiencies resulting from improper use, carelessness or accidents, e.g. scratches on the clasp or damage to textile or leather straps.
  • Items that have already beenrepaired independently.rden.
  • Changes in the texture of materials that follow a natural process, e.g., the tarnishing of pink gold.of rose gold closures due to oxidation.
  • Failure to follow the care instructions enclosed with each product package and listed on our website atr www.fischers-fritze.com/armband-reinigung-pflege/.d. This applies in particular to leather products that have been improperly exposed to water and/or have not been cared for.
  • Defects and damage that occurred due to loss or theft.
  • Shrinkage or widening of textile and leather straps.
  • Wear of engravings due to mechanical influences or due to external influences (chemistry, sweat, cosmetics)
Exceptions to the warranty claim
Items that are not covered by the warranty and guarantee can still be registered by e-mail. We are always happy to work on a solution in an honest exchange and help you with your problem. In individual cases, a repair is also possible outside the warranty.


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