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You want to change it to another size or color? We are happy to help you. I promise!
Download the Fischers Fritze exchange form and print it out.
Enter your new size, your order number and your name.
Pack your bracelet with the exchange form in our original packaging or in another shipping box. Send it by registered mail to:

Fischers Fritze GmbH
Lichtstraße 46
50825 Köln

After receiving your return, we will take care of the exchange and reshipment as soon as possible.
Note: Please note that we can only exchange within the same price category.
Please understand that we cannot revoke or exchange bracelets that have been worn. We manufacture each of our products with hand, sense and reason. We do not want to dispose of our bracelets without reason. Please be fair and only send us back bracelets that are unworn and new. Thanks!

How to find the right size

For your Fischers Fritze bracelet.
In only 2 minutes to the right bracelet size.
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