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You want to exchange to another size or color? We are happy to help you - promised!
Note: Please note that we can only carry out a direct exchange within the same price category. If you only want to change the strap color, simply make a clear note of the new model on the exchange form - preferably next to the desired size.
Download the Fischers Fritze exchange form and print it out. If you do not have a printer at home, a handwritten note will suffice.
Enter your new desired size, your order number and your name on the exchange form and pack it with your Fischers Fritze item in our original packaging or another shipping box.
We recommend that you send the parcel as an insured shipment with proof (e.g. registered letter). However, this only serves as security for you, as we generally receive returns by any shipping method. Send it to us within 30 days:

Fischers Fritze GmbH

Scheidtweilerstrasse 79
50933 Cologne
After receiving your return, we will take care of the exchange and reshipment at our expense as soon as possible. As with the original order, you will receive a shipping confirmation with the corresponding shipment number.
Please understand that we cannot take back worn or damaged bracelets. Each of our products is handmade with sense and reason.We don't dispose of returns but give them another chance on a dfifferent wrist. So please be fair and only return products to us in their original condition and within the specified time period.
🇨🇭 Direct exchanges are not possible for shipments from Switzerland. In this case, please contact our customer service. 

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