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Partner bracelets

"Two bracelets that will forever connect you - and forever remind you:
of your first date, your first kiss, your most memorable moments."

Partner bracelets

For women & men, lovers & friends.
The models "Mackerel" "Shrimp" and "Krabbe" are suitable for women and for men. Often women prefer the slightly narrower model "Krabbe" and men the classic "Mackerel". So there are no limits to your choice. Choose what you both like.
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Your favorite colors

Choose the bracelets that connect you. Two bracelets that remember special moments & stand for your love or friendship.
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Choose your sizes

Determine the right size for your bracelets. It's easy - we'll help you quickly.
Step 3

Order and give away

Order your partner bracelets. As a rule, the shipping needs only 1-3 business days.

Something from you for your loved ones

Give a special gift that they'll cherish. 
Here, you'll find some tips on estimating the right size. Please note that sizing is individual and our information is provided without guarantee.
More than 75% of the men wear our sizes "M" or "L
The rule of thumb: very slim men up to 1.80 meters wear size "S". Sporty men between 1.75 and 1.85 meters wear size "M" or size "L". Sea bears or very strong men tend to size "XL".
Over 85% of women choose our "S" size
Bracelet size, especially for women, is not based on the physique. In many cases, strong women have a narrow wrist and wear bracelet size "S".

Handmade & fairly produced.

Everything we do, we do with passion. Because we only want to create special bracelets. That's why we produce them on a small scale in Cologne, Germany, instead of a mass-production overseas. We take our time in selecting our materials as well as every step of the process: cutting, pressing, gluing, engraving, turning, assembling, and checking. As a result, there might be a fewer quantity, but we prioritize quality. We believe that's fair, especially for you.

Finding the right size

for your Fischers Fritze bracelet.
Discover your perfect bracelet size in just 2 minutes.
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