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NECK CHAIN lifering

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Unique necklaces with your individual engraving.

Always carry your special people, moments & events with you. Very special necklaces, in very special packaging with your personal engraving from the Fischers Fritze manufactory.

Give something special as a gift now.

with up to 4 engraving sides

The "Lighthouse" with four sides that you can customize with your engraving.
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Your individual engraving

The "lifering" on one side.
Your personal engraving on the other side.
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Knot book

Which knot is the right one for your lifering?
We show you 3 knot instructions that go quickly and easily.
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Care instructions

Here you will find tips on cleaning and care for your Fischers Fritze lifering .
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lifering. The RescueThing.

The sea rescuers are on call around the clock and in all weathers. They are often on the move on the North Sea and Baltic Sea just when other ships are seeking shelter in port - a total of around 2,000 times every year. They do this voluntarily and selflessly. We think that's great, and for every lifering sold, we donate 10% of the purchase price to the sea rescuers.
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