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"We want to make the people around us happy without overlooking even one."

The manufacture bracelet from Fischers Fritze.

Valuable takes longer to finish.
Passion. It combines what is really important to us - quality, trust and responsibility.
At Fischers Fritze , we are always looking for something special. For valuable materials and natural color worlds, for fine details and striking simplicity.

But even more important to us is the way to unite all these things. In doing so, we do what we like best, and that is working with our hands. The cutting, the pressing, the gluing, the turning and the constructing. For us it is special, and we believe that you can feel it.
Everything we do, we do with passion. Because all we want is the best bracelets. That's why we produce small in Cologne, instead of big overseas; creating maybe less quantities, but more quality. And we think that's fair, especially to you.

A Fischers Fritze bracelet is always ready for your wrist when we're happy with it. That's why we don't focus on time, but on our craft. And with every step we get a little closer to our goal: to make a bracelet that lasts longer.

sailing rope from Germany

Our sailing rope is braided and manufactured in Germany and is highly resistant to dirt, sweat and other influences. A material that is used on sailboats as a mooring line, is of course extremely tear- abrasion-resistant and very UV stable. Now it gets a place of honor on your wrist.

A closure from Fischers Fritze

Designed and engineered by Fischers Fritze® in Cologne. Provides extra strong hold, a compass engraving on the inside completes our closure. Accurately fit handmade with a strong bonding of the rope ends.

Natural tanned leather

We are always on the lookout for something special. And no way is too far for us. So we discovered our leather in Spain in the Alicante region - and found more than just a special material. We got to know special people who deliver special quality because they have a special way of dealing with nature.

Handmade & fair produced

We focus on sustainable production using only high-quality materials and local resources. Handmade in Cologne - through local networking during development and in the production process, local resources are used and local businesses are strengthened.

Our bracelet models

Three bracelets. And always the right choice.
At Fischers Fritze you can choose your favorite bracelet and you will always choose the right one. Because each of our bracelets is precious handwork in many fine steps. You will feel it as soon as you have decided.
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