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"We aim to bring happiness to everyone around us without overlooking anyone."

The workshop bracelet from Fischers Fritze.

Quality takes time. 
Passion. It encompasses what truly matters to us - quality, trust, and responsibility.

At Fischers Fritze, we continually seek out the extraordinary. We search for precious materials, natural color palettes, intricate details, and bold simplicity.

Yet, what truly matters to us is how we bring all these elements together. We indulge in what we do best - working with our hands. Cutting, shaping, assembling, and crafting. To us, it's a labor of love, and we believe you can feel it.
Everything we do, we do out of passion. Because all we want are the best bracelets. That's why we produce small in Cologne instead of large overseas, which means we may produce fewer pieces, but they are of higher quality. And we think that's fair, especially to you.

A Fischers Fritze bracelet is always ready for your wrist when we are happy with it. That's why we don't focus on time, but on our craft. And get a little closer to our goal with every step of the process: to produce a bracelet that you can enjoy for longer.

sailing rope from Germany

Our sailing rope is braided and manufactured in Germany, making it highly resistant to dirt, sweat, and other environmental factors. This material, commonly used as a mooring line on sailboats, boasts exceptional tear and abrasion resistance, as well as excellent UV stability. Now, it takes pride of place on your wrist.

A closure by Fischers Fritze

Crafted and designed by Fischers Fritze® in Cologne, our closure offers an exceptionally strong hold. It features a compass engraving on the inside, adding a distinctive touch. Handmade with precision, the rope ends are securely bonded for durability."

Naturally tanned leather

We are constantly searching for something extraordinary, and no distance is too far for us. Thus, we found our leather in the Alicante region of Spain - and uncovered more than just exceptional material. We encountered remarkable individuals who deliver outstanding quality through their unique approach to nature.


We prioritize sustainable production, utilizing only high-quality materials and local resources. Handcrafted in Cologne, our process involves local networking during development and production, thereby supporting local businesses and minimizing our environmental footprint.

Our bracelet models

Three bracelets. Always the perfect choice.
At Fischers Fritze, you can select your preferred bracelet, and you'll always find the ideal match. Each of our bracelets is crafted with precision and care, reflecting exquisite handwork in every step. You'll sense the quality the moment you've made your selection.
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