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Extraordinary bracelets for ladies by Fischers Fritze, handmade in Germany.

Ladies' Bracelets

Handcrafted, I bring the maritime look to your wrist.
Robust sail rope and a high-quality, encapsulated magnetic fastener distinguish me. I am the original and from now on your faithful companion.

Handmade & fairly produced.

Everything we do, we do with passion. Because all we want are special bracelets. That is why we produce small in Köln, instead of big overseas. We take time to select our materials and for every single step of the work; for cutting, pressing, gluing, engraving, turning, constructing and checking. In this way, we may be able to produce fewer pieces, but we can achieve higher quality. And we think that is fair, especially to you.

Leather bracelets from Fischers Fritze.

We at Fischers Fritze are always looking for something special. And no way is too far for that. So we discovered our leather in Spain in the region of Alicante - and found more than one special material. We have got to know special people who deliver special quality because they cultivate a special contact with nature.
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Two N52 neodymium magnets provide an extremely strong hold on the wrist. N52 magnets are among the strongest magnets on the market.
Loves water. Salty too.
Our sail rope bracelets are made for the sea, salt water resistant and stainless. Take them with you in the shower or for a swim. (does not apply to leather bracelets)
Canted under tensile load.
In addition to the strong magnetic force, our clasp has an additional safety feature: The clasp tilts under a conventional wrist load.
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