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Makuyuni e.V. aims to give people around the world the chance of an education. We think that's great and donate 10% of the purchase price for every lifebuoy sold to help build a school in Tanzania.


We at Makuyuni e.V. stand up for the right to education everywhere in the world. We pursue the goal of giving all people worldwide a chance at education. Because education is a human right! We started building schools in Makuyuni, Tanzania, which is why our organization bears this name.

Since the foundation of the non-profit association in Sept. 2018 in Cologne, two elementary school could already be completed. As part of our last campaign, we managed to finance a well to provide drinking water for the students. But the effort to provide education to everyone worldwide continues. We are already collecting the next donations for the construction of another school.
The special thing about Makuyuni e.V. is that we work according to the principle of help for self-help and enable more the development of educational structures than we actively pursue this. This means in detail that we support our friend Lalahe on site with ideas and means, who then realizes or coordinates the work himself. You can find more information on our website Makuyuni.org.

Donations to Makuyuni e.V.

100% of the donations arrive in Tanzania. This only works because we have decided to bear all costs for the association ourselves and not to pay from donations. This includes account management fees, costs for website and domain, notary and tax consultancy fees as well as material costs (e.g. for flyers, stickers or posters). This is the only way we can guarantee that all donations are really invested in the construction of educational facilities.
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