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Leather bracelet

Leather torpedo crab Fiene

black braided


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Bracelet as a gift

The thinner bracelet from Fischers Fritze. The new torpedo crab "FIENE" made of leather and waxed cotton braided in black. Uncompromising, sturdy with a nautical look. Leather paired with an encapsulated stainless steel magnetic clasp - developed & designed by Fischers Fritze®.

  • extra strong hold
  • 6mm Ø (leather diameter)
  • handmade & perfect fit quality
  • nickel free
  • stainless
  • durable & abrasion resistant engraving
  • Compass engraving in the cap
  • black PVD coating
  • comfortable & cuddly
  • for ladies and gentlemen
  • delivered quickly in a chic gift box
  • incl. care instructions (please follow the care instructions)
  genuine leather   genuine leather from Italy
Natural tanned leather in an outstanding quality. Not too shiny, supple and ready for the right patina.

  Strong magnet   Strong magnet
Provides extra strong hold - the Fischers Fritze ® clasp snags under a normal wrist load. A special engraving on the inside completes the closure.

6mm leather-cotton combination
A unique material. Responsibly made and naturally tanned in Italy.
Step 1
Take a strip of paper or a thread and put it tightly around your wrist.
Step 2
Note the beginning and end of the strip.
Take a ruler and measure the length. This is your wrist circumference.
Step 3
Enter the measured value in cm into our size calculator:

Size chart Torpedo Crab

Size Total length Wrist circumference
S 18,5 cm 12,5 cm - 16,0 cm
M 20,5 cm 16,0 cm - 18,5 cm
L 21,5 cm 18,5 cm - 19,5 cm
XL 23,5 cm 19,5 cm - 21,5 cm

Something from you for your loved ones

Give a special gift that they'll cherish. 
Here, you'll find some tips on estimating the right size. Please note that sizing is individual and our information is provided without guarantee.
More than 75% of the men wear our sizes "M" or "L
The rule of thumb: very slim men up to 1.80 meters wear size "S". Sporty men between 1.75 and 1.85 meters wear size "M" or size "L". Sea bears or very strong men tend to size "XL".
Over 85% of women choose our "S" size
Bracelet size, especially for women, is not based on the physique. In many cases, strong women have a narrow wrist and wear bracelet size "S".
Fair & sustainable
Small production, great products. We prefer detail-oriented handcraft rather than producing overseas.
durable &
We value the longevity of our products. That's why we give a guarantee of 730 days.
We trust our logistics partner DHL. In most cases, your order will arrive within 1 or 2 business days.
We're always happy to help you out:
Tel.: 0221 - 99 02 8888 (Mon. - Fri. 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.)
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