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"Stainless steel meets sailing rope & leather. The Keychain from Fischers Fritze®.
Experience the fusion of sailing rope and leather with a high-quality stainless steel frame."

Big Herring

The keychain crafted from sailing rope & leather

Featuring a sail exchange barrel with an 8mm diameter, a high-quality stainless-steel frame, and a key ring with a sail shackle for a secure hold. Waterproof, rust- and nickel-free, the "Big Herring" is ready to befriend your keys. Once attached, they'll never want to let go.

Big Herring 

Crafted from leather

Introducing the "Big Herring" Keychain, meticulously crafted from naturally tanned cowhide sourced from Spain and Italy. Available in two distinct versions: pure leather or a combination of leather and waxed cotton.

Our bracelet models

Three bracelets. Always the perfect choice.
At Fischers Fritze, you can select your preferred bracelet, and you'll always find the ideal match. Each of our bracelets is crafted with precision and care, reflecting exquisite handwork in every step. You'll sense the quality the moment you've made your selection.
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