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Three bracelets. Always the perfect choice.
Whether it's our classic Mackerel, the slightly thinner Crab, or the wrap bracelet Shrimp - at Fischer's Fritze, you're free to choose your favorite bracelet, knowing you'll always make the right decision. Each of our bracelets is meticulously crafted by hand, undergoing numerous fine steps. You'll feel the quality the moment you make your selection.
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Ø 8mm

All innovation originates from an idea, and behind every idea lies a tale. This is the story of Mackerel, the pioneering sailing rope bracelet featuring an encapsulated stainless steel magnetic clasp. Conceived and meticulously crafted by Fischers Fritze, it finds its place comfortably on your wrist.
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Ø 6mm


Shrimp is the evolution of our original design. Handcrafted and elegantly styled akin to Mackerel, albeit slimmer and longer to elegantly wrap around the wrist. Available in both sailing rope and leather variations, suitable for both men and women.
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Ø 6mm

Crab is the slightly slimmer bracelet from Fischers Fritze, tailored for those with narrower wrists. Particularly favored by women and individuals who find Mackerel too bulky.
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