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With your sailing rope bracelet you can swim in the sea and take a shower every day, because sailing rope is made for water: it dries quickly, is UV-resistant and keeps its colour.

On the other hand, your leather wristband doesn't like water very much - nor does it like too much sweat. Therefore, it is best to take it off when showering, sleeping and during strenuous activities. If it does get wet, you can simply leave it to dry at room temperature.


The best way to clean your sailing-rope bracelet is to send it for a bath. The best way is a lye of warm water (max. 30 degrees Celsius) and soft soap. Your bracelet should soak in this for about 10 to 20 minutes, until you rinse it with clear water and let it air dry.

We recommend that you remove your bracelet every 2 weeks and clean the inside of the clasp with a soft cloth. This will ensure that the clasp moves smoothly.


It is best to treat your leather bracelet with leather grease or beeswax. To do this, you can simply apply the care product carefully with a soft cloth and let it work in for a few minutes. Then wipe the leather with a dry kitchen towel and leave to dry overnight. When there are no more greasy residues, your bracelet is ready to wear again.


You can easily brush away dirt on and in the wristband clasp, for example with an old toothbrush and a little soapy water. A fine brush or a soft cloth will also help you with rust - which you don't have to worry about, by the way. If it is there, it is only superficial.

Our closures are all made of stainless steel - and as the name suggests, it can't rust.

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