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1. pull the sailing rope out of the drawstring (don't worry, it can be retracted with a little skill).

2. turn the "Blue Henry" inside out.

3. close the zipper completely.

The "Blue Henry" is best washed at a maximum of 40 degrees, with mild detergent and in the easy-care cycle of your washing machine.

Our tip:
Before washing, put the "Blue Henry" in a laundry net.

To dry, hang it out in the fresh air or in the apartment at room temperature. Even though the "Blue Henry" is a hardy type, it does not tolerate the tumble dryer. High temperatures stress it, age it prematurely and cause it to shrink.


We recommend that you remove the sailing rope with the stainless steel end caps before washing. This not only protects the fabric and the end caps, but also your washing drum. It cannot be ruled out that the spin cycle of the washing machine will cause the end caps, eyelets and washing drum to collide at high speed, damaging the texture of the surfaces.

Care should be taken when putting on and taking off the "Blue Henry" - the end caps dangling around can damage objects. You should also keep an eye on the end caps during sports activities and take off the "Blue Henry" as needed.


The "Blue Henry" is made of 100% organic cotton and has a weight of 480 g/m². The small loops inside ensure that the fabric is particularly soft and cuddly. Thus, the "Blue Henry" is always your faithful companion even in milder temperatures.

The design of the "Blue Henry" comes from the minds of Fischers Fritze product designers and is manufactured fairly in Portugal.


Our rose gold-colored closures are refined with the help of a special PVD coating technique. The coating contains copper, which, like almost any metal, has the property of oxidizing over time. to oxidize over time. This natural process cannot be completely avoided process, but you can prevent a change in color by following a few simple a few simple tips:
- take off your bracelet with rose gold clasp before showering or exercising to reduce contact with sweat.
- Chemical agents such as cosmetics or detergents can promote oxidation. oxidation - therefore try to avoid direct contact.
- clean the clasp regularly with a microfiber cloth and polish it afterwards with a care oil, e.g. Ballistol.


Our black caps are refined with the help of a special PVD coating technique. With regular and heavy mechanical stress, it is not excluded that the top layer is attacked and the stainless steel appears. You can prevent this color change with a few simple tips:
- take off your wristband with black clasp when doing sports or physical physical work to prevent unintentional friction (e.g. on sports equipment).
- do not wear your bracelet with other jewelry that permanently touches the coating and thus wears it off.
- clean the clasp regularly with a microfiber cloth and then polish it with a care oil, e.g. Ballistol.


Blue Henry - the knitted hat made of 100% virgin wool. Made in Germany.
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